Highlights and Benefits

  • USP Class VI certified materials
  • Designed for adherent cell culture applications
  • Customized treatment for cells adherence
  • Integrated perfusion processing with recipe based automation for cell harvesting
  • Special considerations for autologous stem cell culture processing for cell and gene therapy applications.
  • Pre-sterilized and pre-calibrated sensors in single-use format (Ease of handling and validations,)

The CellBRx 0.2/0.5 system’s workstation controls up to 84 disposable bioreactors, offering parallel processing and evaluation of multiple cell culture runs and experiments in an automated benchtop system

  • Closed loop control of pH & DO with independent control of O2 and CO2 for each culture vessel
  • Automated liquid handling platform for perfusion run set-up, feeds, base addition
  • Easy installation of disposable culture vessel allowing aseptic operation complying cGMP

The system enables the rapid evaluation of multiple bioreactor cultures at microscale, increasing productivity with significant savings on materials and labour.

The CellBRx 0.2/0.5 system mimics the characteristics of large scale DBR technology based bioreactors at microscale (0.2L to 0.5L), by using cost effective, disposable microbioreactors, controlled by an automated workstation. The workstation module enables automated pH measurement, both for initial bioreactor vessel pH sensor calibration and subsequent in-process re-calibration, improving pH control and culture performance

The CellBRx 0.2/0.5 system offers:

  • A better tool for cell line selection and perfusion process development – closely mimics the conditions of larger scale bioreactors
  • Simplified adoption of Quality by Design (QbD) principles for Perfusion bioprocessing
  • Significant reduction in cost per experiment
  • More experiments with less operator time for set up and clean down

The CellBRx 0.2/0.5 systems are the most ideal cell processing tool for Autologous stem cell therapy providers since the CellBRx 0.2/0.5 Systems offers a unique advantage over other bioreactor systems in its ability to keep the cells in support matrix during culture while imparting low shear stress to the cells with gentle mixing due to the innovative and most efficient DBR technology. While allowing the large surface area of the fibrous cell-carriers for cell attachment and growth, The DBR technology also offers the complete and efficient cell harvesting by using classical cell detachment protocols and methods (i.e. Trypsinization).

Applications include:

  • Perfusion-based process optimization
  • Cell line selection
  • Perfusion media development
  • Media feed strategies
  • QbD and DoE studies
  • Transient Transfection
  • Cell therapies (stem cell culture)
  • Microscale Tissue engineering
  • Personalized medicine development

Product datasheet

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