Our CellBRx range of Bioreactors are the only systems of its kind (Dynamic Bed Reactor technology) in the bioprocessing industry and are the most versatile, functional, and efficient system in today’s market. Simplicity, Reliability and Functionality are the primary design principles of our bioreactor systems. Customer Service & Technical Support remains as our preeminent interest. Alongside our unparalleled customer service, we provide unrivaled technical support in bioprocess development to optimally utilize our products. We also offer custom design and manufacturing services to meet customer’s special process requirements.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Compect high cell density DBR technology based bioreactors provide a significant increase in volumetric productivity Vs traditional stirred tanks and packed bed bioreactors
  • Simplified process flow from pre-culture to final product
  • The first fully efficient perfusion based single-use bioreactor (with pre-installed calibrated probes)
  • Straight forward implementation for faster process development
  • Linear scalability from R&D to manufacturing
  • Dramatic decrease in operational costs and capital investments

CellBRx 100/500 bioreactor systems are the most scalable devices to produce biologics including monoclonal antibodies and vaccines. These unique large scale bioreactors can be customized according to requirements of the customers. 100L culture vessel is providing the surface area of 3155 m2 which is equivalent to 30,050 roller bottles. These DBR technology based bioreactor’s compact design leads to save significant space of the production facility and initial investment.

100L ADC-BRx

100L ADC-BRx

  • 30050 Roller bottles
  • 4992 Cell Factories CF10
  • 255 MPB Xpansion 200 Bioreactor
  • 6.3 iCellis 500 Packed Bed Bioreactor
  • 9.9 Celligen 75L Bioreactors with 2.7 Kg FibraCel Discs
100L ADC-BRx Roller Bottles (1050 cm2) Cell Factory CF10 Xpansion 200 MPB Icellis 500 Celigen 75L (Fibracel)
14,00,000 3,81,67,742 56,79,360 1,31,46,667

Product datasheet

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