Highlights and Benefits

  • Integrated perfusion processing with recipe based automation for cell harvesting
  • Pre-installed calibrated probes and no oxygen sparging needed
  • USP Class VI certified materials
  • Customized treatment for cells adherence
  • Special considerations for allogenic stem cell culture processing for cell and gene therapy applications.
  • Single-use format (ease of handling and validations)

CellBRx 2/10 bioreactor systems are more advisable for Allogenic Stem cell production on larger scale. The 2L scale bioreactor vessel accommodates approximately 35 m2 of surface area which is equivalent to the use of 55 No’s of Cell Factories (CF-10). This 2L scale single-use culture vessel can support the growth and production of around 330 billion stem cells and automated recovery of this stem cells in to harvest without causing any shear forces and harsh treatments.


  • Integrated mixing system for evenly-distributed media circulation and low shear stress.
  • Specially treated cell carriers specifically adapted to variety of adherent cell cultures.
  • Unique DBR technology to ensure efficient mixing and homogeneity.
  • Single-use bioreactor made from USP Class VI and ISO 10993 approved rigid plastic to ensure process reliability.
  • Modular size of dynamic bed from 0.1 L to 500L offering several customized configurations at small and large scale.
  • Completely single-use closed bioreactor from vessel to sensor for sterility and contamination risk reduction.
  • Ensured reproducibility and traceability of cell cultures by monitoring and control of culture parameters including pH, DO, temperature, glucose, biomass etc.
  • Designed for use in a complete closed system from seeding to harvest.
  • Processing flexibility with reduction of numbers of operations, complexity and risks related to operations (e.g. , cell, seeding, medium exchange, harvest)

The CellBRx 2/10 system is pilot scale bioreactor accommodate 2L, 5L and 10L capacity culture vessels (readily available) for pilot scale studies and small scale manufacturing of biologics including recombinant therapeutics and vaccines.



  • 335 Roller bottles
  • 55 Cell Factories CF10
  • 2.0 MPB Xpansion 200 Bioreactor


2L ADC-BRx Roller Bottles (1050 cm2) Cell Factory CF10 Xpansion 200 MPB Icellis 500 Celigen 75L (Fibracel)
1,00,000 1,50,857 11,13,924 4,35,806 63,360 1,46,667


  • 4735 Roller bottles
  • 787 Cell Factories CF10
  • 40 MPB Xpansion 200 Bioreactor
  • 1 iCellis 500 Packed Bed Bioreactor
  • 1.6 Celligen 75L Bioreactors with 2.7 Kg FibraCel Discs


10L ADC-BRx Roller Bottles (1050 cm2) Cell Factory CF10 Xpansion 200 MPB Icellis 500 Celigen 75L (Fibracel)
5,00,000 21,30,857 60,14,516 8,94,960 20,71,667

Product datasheet

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