The OmniBRx ADC bioreactors are the first proud member of OmniBRx biotechnologies’ single use bioreactor family.

The OmniBRx ADC bioreactor are the world’s first fully-integrated perfusion driven, high cell density bioreactors designed to simplify adherent cell culture processes by combining the advantages of single-use technologies with the benefits of a dynamic-bed reactor technology. The compact system, designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use, represents a new generations of rigid wall single-use bioreactors. Central to the ADC bioreactors technology is the use of a compact rotating dynamic-bed design, filled with custom disc shaped macrocarriers. This matrix discs are made of medical grade non-woven polyester microfibers (USP Class VI, ISO 10993 certifications) and provides surface area up to 3155 sq. m. available for cell growth in 100L bioreactor system. This surface area is equivalent of 30,049 Roller Bottles (1050 sq. cm. each)

The ADC bioreactor is provided with pre-packed and custom treated macrocarriers in support matrix. It alleviates delicate and time-consuming manual operations, reducing the overall process time and making the cell culture process more robust. With biomass multiplication occurring in the dynamic-bed support matrix, ADC bioreactors can be inoculated at the low cell densities. Manual operations and associated costs are greatly reduced, because of process simplification. Magnetically driven rotations of discs coupled with curved vanes in dynamic bed reactors ensures nutritional homogeneity and significantly lower mixing time.

Dual integrated aeration systems i.e. purging gases in culture vessel overlay space and gas exchanger, efficiently support gaseous requirements of the cultures without sparging of gases directly in culture medium and there by assures Stress-Free culture of sensitive cells while maintaining high kLa the in the bioreactor. As the cells are immobilized in the dynamic-bed matrix during perfusion processing, no centrifugation or filtration is needed to clarify the harvest broth. This benefit further simplifies and reduce downstream processing steps. Culture parameter control is automatic and integrated via single-use sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, glucose(optical), lactate(optical) etc. aeration and agitation monitoring and controls are also included. To alleviate the bottlenecks of large-scale stem cell culture technologies, the ADC bioreactors offer the unique advantage of healthy cell recovery at large scale using simple cell dissociation techniques.

We offer cell culture bioreactors with working volumes from 0.2 L to 500 L. Our DBR technology based bioreactor systems are available for seed-train, process development, small- to pilot-scale production up to 10 L scale and for large-scale GMP manufacturing. Together, our proven technologies, global supply chain, and rigorous in-house quality control combines to give you Scalable, Affordable, most Efficient and fully Customizable single-use bioreactors you can Trust.

Configuration of ADC Bioreactors


The ADC bioreactors are available in two formats:

  • The ADC micro-bioreactor (250 ml) for process development and research work
  • ADC 2L to 10 L pilot scale bioreactor for feasibility studies and small-scale production
  • The ADC 100L and 1000L system for industrial scale manufacturing